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Sing GBA is the brainchild of Henrietta Creighton, affectionately known by most as, "Grandma Etta" (even though technically she is a Great Great Grandmom). At the ripe age of 90, Grandma Etta splits her time between her homes in Sea Isle City, NJ and Jensen Beach, FL. People always notice when she drives by and oftentimes literally drop everything to take out their cell phone and snap a picture as she cruises past. People who don't know her sometimes think its an unusual site to see a 90 year old woman behind the wheel of a sleek silver convertivle pickup truck housing a Corvette engine (her beloved Chevy SSR she's named "Useless"), wearing a bucket cap and sunglasses and blasting Jimmy Buffet. On her 90th birthday, she had to renew her licence and is proud to report that it is now valid until the year 2020. She says, "They said I can keep driving for 6 more years so watch out because HERE I COME!" 

But Grandma Etta didn't always live a life of beachhomes and convertibles. She was born a bit early and during the very cold winter of 1924. She was so small, in fact, that her mother kept her wrapped up tight and placed in a shoe box and it was so cold, she kept that shoe box right on the woodstove to keep little Etta warm and alive. One of three girls, Etta grew up working the land on her parents' farm in Prospectville, PA. Farm life involved a lot of hard work but they were happy and they had food, which was not always the case for families during the height of The Great Depression. Grandma Etta still remembers passers-by stopping by to see if they could spare something to eat and her daddy priding himself on always being able to offer them a meal in exchange for their labor. There wasn't ever extra, but there was always enough. Seeing first-hand how valuable self suffiency was in that time, it has always been of utmost importance to Etta to teach her own children and grandchildren how to live off the land. Still at 90 years old, she maintains gardens and uses them to teach and feed her family.


The picture to the right is of Etta in 1934, at age 10, holding her cousin Joe with her sister Betty behind on the farm where they grew up in Pennsylvania.




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