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Sing GBA is a message of love and unity and the brainchild of Grandma Etta. At the ripe age of 92, Grandma Etta splits her time between her homes at the Jersey Shore and the Treasure Coast in Florida. People always notice when she drives by and oftentimes literally drop everything to take out their cell phone and snap a picture as she cruises past. People who don't know her sometimes think its an unusual site to see a 90+ year old woman behind the wheel of a sleek silver convertivle pickup truck housing a Corvette engine (her beloved Chevy SSR she's named "Useless"), wearing a bucket cap and sunglasses and blasting Jimmy Buffet. On her 90th birthday, she had to renew her licence and is proud to report that it is now valid until the year 2020. She says, "They said I can keep driving for 6 more years so watch out because HERE I COME!" 

Grandma Etta is an avid reader, traveller and student of the world. She's widely known to pull over whatever person, adult or child, stranger or friend, is closest to her to point out and teach about the nature directly around them, everyday miracles that so often go unnoticed. She is mainly self-taught with an unending thirst for knowledge and an enthusiastic lover of God, the Earth and her country. Grandma Etta is also famous for her hand-written letters; her friends and family are lucky enough to be well aquainted with her regular packages which always include clippings from newspapers, full pages from magazines and so on, with references to anything they might be into, dealing with or completely random that she just knows they'll get a kick out of. Literally any subject you can imagine...


One of these packages is just how SingGBA came to life. After receiving numerous phone calls, messages, emails and finally a very big package of clippings and hand-written notes (that cost $25 to ship!), Etta's granddaughter knew she meant business. There was a VERY big bee in her bonnet (her words) and it wasn't going away until her idea came to life. So... that's how it started. See below for a FEW of her clippings and notes.    

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