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What's Happening?


There has been a systematic movement to remove God from public domain in the United States of America, a country founded on the principle of religious freedom. According to the Congressional Prayer Caucus, "In recent years unelected government bureaucrats have become increasingly apt to remove, obscure, or bar references to God or our national motto, even when their actions reverse decades of long-standing traditions. In most cases, congressional intervention and pressure was required to reverse the decision." 


Instances of attempts to remove God from America include:

  • President Obama repeatedly declaring "E Pluribus Unum" as our national motto (it is "In GOD We Trust")

  • Misunderstanding of the phrase "seperation of church and state"

  • Rogue court challenges

  • Efforts to remove God from public domain

What Can You Do?


Get involved! Sing GBA calls on ALL people of FAITH, excluding no one. God Bless America is a PRAYER! Download and print the printable flyer on our Get Involved page and show it to the leader of your place of worship, social group or organization. If he/she isn't interested, show someone else. Share this site with friends and family and invite them to like our Facebook page. 

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